A Time Of Season

by Charles HunnaHustla

Diary of a Crayon™ : Green Gets Bullied

Although new to the park, no one knew when he came. The children called him, "The Stranger." The parents called him strange. Why they accepted him was because he was a hero of a sort, as one minute he was sitting in a swing, which later the children dubbed "The Stranger's Chair," and then the next minute he was catching a child—with one hand—who was falling from the monkey bars. The parents called him strange because there was much about him that conflicted. For instance, he looked old, though not old, according to some, as well as young, though not young, according to others. Ageless would be an apt description of him, or as once said, he had the appearance of having been old at one time. Though what is agreed on regarding the stranger is that he gives the impression that both life, and living, are unfamiliar to him.

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